New Generations of Home Tech Combine Style and Substance

CES 2023 brought product debuts that aim to influence future home design, like an air conditioner disguised as framed artwork. Check out the most-hyped gadgets from the technology industry’s biggest show of the year.

New real estate technologies are vying to influence how the home of the future is designed. That was one of many themes at CES 2023, the tech world’s annual mega show in Las Vegas, where thousands of the latest gadgets and gizmos targeted home, business and everyday life. Here, we round up some of the latest products, which includes several CES 2023 Innovation Award honorees.

‘Cool’ Art

A wall-mounted air conditioner disguised as framed artwork, LG’s ArtCool Gallery AC unit has a 27-inch LCD digital picture frame that can display photos of your choosing. This can offer some design pizzazz. ArtCool is also compatible with Google Assistant.

Availability: TBD
Price: TBD

Scent-Infused Showers

Kohler debuted Kohler Sprig, which adds aromatherapy to an existing showerhead by infusing water with scents and oils. Kohler initially will offer six different scent pods, including lavender, chamomile or eucalyptus.

Availability: spring
Price: $119 for the system; $21 for a six-pack of single-use pods

Color-Changing Fridges

Refrigerators with LED screens on the front panels of the doors isn’t new; but now the doors are getting lit. LG’s MoodUp Refrigerator features LED doors that can light up in 190,000 different color combinations. Sync it to music to bring disco night straight to your kitchen.

Availability: TBD
Price: TBD

Hidden Handles

How do you open that? Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator line debuted a side-by-side option with a flat, minimalist design that may leave some guessing. It features “auto open door,” which instantly opens the door with just a touch. The front door panels are available in glass or stainless steel finishes.

Availability: first quarter 2023
Price: TBD

A Door That Welcomes You Home

It’s the smartest door in the neighborhood: The Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door includes built-in motion-activated LED welcome lights, smart lock and Ring video doorbell. All features can be controlled remotely. The door connects to the home’s power supply but also has a battery backup to protect against power outages. The door will be available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, including multiple glass options.

Availability: TBD
Price: $6,500

Reinventing the Bathtub

Kohler’s Stillness Infinity Experience brings a Zen-like, multi-sensory bath experience that combines water, lighting, mist, essential oils and soothing sounds. It features water cascading over the top that then recirculates and re-filters after falling into a wooden moat basin below. This souped-up tub debuted in 2022 but will have three new models available for 2023. Prices will range from just under $11,000 to more than $17,000.

Smart Lock Add-On

Smart locks are enabling more homeowners to ditch the keys and gain access to the house via a code. Many CES 2023 debuts continued to showcase that trend, including Lockly’s Flex Touch Pro. This smart lock offers an added benefit: It doesn’t require you to remove or replace your existing deadbolt, which could be an attractive option for renters or Airbnb owners. It can add a fingerprint reader to an existing lock for gaining access. Also, you can remotely grant or deny access to visitors who arrive at your doorstep.

Availability: spring
Price: $229

Robotic Lawncare

Leave it to an all-weather yard care robot to do the heavy-lifting. Yarbo can mow the lawn, clear the snow and blow leaves or debris from the yard. It has three attachments that can be switched off for fulfilling these different yard-care needs. Yarbo uses GPS positioning to determine the yard area and stays within the boundaries. You can monitor the robot’s work from an app. It can handle steep slopes, too.

Availability: TBD
Price: TBD

Touchless Window Shades

Smarten up your existing window coverings. Eve’s MotionBlinds upgrade kit can make standard roller shades “smart.” Close or open blinds without getting up via an app or just by using voice commands when connected to a voice assistant. The kit features a USB-C rechargeable motor that reportedly can last up to a year between charges.

Availability: late March
Price: $199

The Family Robot

Robots are always popular at CES, and this home assistant from Enabot may offer a peak into where the technology is heading for the home. Enabot’s EBO X is a two-wheeled robot companion that can follow you and offer assistance around your home, including health monitoring, security and entertainment. It includes a 4K camera, two-way communication capabilities and a range of sensors for navigating a space. Ask EBO X to play music, provide security alerts, check up on loved ones from afar or set reminders, such as for taking medication. Sync it with other Alexa-enabled devices for even more home control.

Availability: second quarter 2023
Price: $999

A Wireless TV

Ditch the television cord for good. LG showed off the M3 OLED smart TV that can stream content wirelessly. This may allow more freedom to place a TV anywhere, without the mess of plugs following behind. LG also showed off its OLED T prototype, a completely transparent screen you can stick your hand through. The TV dissolves into the background when not turned on and could show the future of TV design.

Availability: TBD
Price: TBD