HomeJab Launches NFT Platform

A person holds a framed smartphone displaying the term "NFT" on its screen.

© Iryna Imago - iStock / Getty Images Plus

Offering an alternative to stock photo services, HomeJab has launched a new non-fungible token or NFT marketplace specifically for original real estate images. The NFT marketplace is called “real” and will grow its offerings as demand increases.

It currently features images of destinations like historical landmarks, streetscapes, downtown areas, commercial hot spots, parks, bridges, buildings, and beaches. Real estate pros can also hire photographers to capture NFTs to be shot and produced by real estate photographers for their exclusive use, as they’ll own the image along with its NFT. HomeJab provides on-demand professional real estate photo and visual production services nationwide.

The “real” NFT marketplace is geared to real estate professionals and digital marketers so they can purchase one-of-a-kind real estate images. It serves as an alternative to real estate’s heavy use of stock photos in filling website pages, blog posts, pamphlets, and more. After all, images provided by stock photo agencies allow the same image to be used by anyone who pays a fee. NFT images, on the other hand, are unique and owned by the buyer so that agents and brokerages can avoid having the same photos on their websites.

“Buying an NFT through real provides agents and brokers one-of-a-kind images that only you can use versus licensing a repetitive stock image that any of your competitors can use,” Joe Jesuele, head of HomeJab.com. “Marketing agencies know that using unique imagery helps agents and brokers create stronger brand recognition and avoid brand confusion. … We are disrupting the old, legacy stock image model to become a completely decentralized ‘Web3’ solution powered by NFTs with the financial benefits going back to the photographers.”