23 Ways to Automate Your Smart Home Experience

Having a smart home is meant to make life easier and more efficient, and automation brings the enhancements to a new level.
Woman's hands holding up tablet with icons for smart home features

©Ross Helen / Getty Images

I’ve personally tested and written about hundreds of smart home products and automations over the years. We’re officially in Q4 of 2023, and I'm excited to guide you through 23 innovative home automation ideas designed to streamline daily routines, enhance security and create an intuitive living space. These are not just concepts—they are existing features transforming our everyday lives and turning our homes into smart, interactive environments. So, buckle up as we delve into the impressive world of smart home automation in 2023.

  1. Morning Routine Automations: Make it possible to fully focus on the important things in the morning by automating mundane tasks. Using bed sensors like the WiiThings, automate routines to trigger your lights, start your coffee maker and announce weather updates, news or calendar events.
  2. Beverage Automation: Use devices like Switchbot to automatically start your coffee maker in the morning.
  3. Calendar Syncing: Sync your calendar with Amazon Echo devices for verbal and visual reminders about important appointments.
  4. School Bus Reminder System: Your smart lighting can be used for all sorts of things, not just ambiance. You can set your lights to turn yellow and red to indicate when the school bus is due to arrive.
  5. Device Control for Kids: Using parental controls on your Wi-Fi router or smart plugs, you can limit kids' screen time to promote a balanced relationship with technology.
  6. Lock Socket Charger Lock: Do the blocks for your chargers always seem to go missing (and usually turn up in a child’s room or at a friend’s house)? Prevent this all-too-common conundrum with a lock socket charger lock, which keeps your block securely in place.
  7. Smart Lighting for Different Moods: Create the perfect mood by using light in different colors in various areas around your home.
  8. Advanced Lighting Automation: Automate your lighting based on the time of day and light intensity needed.
  9. Outdoor Lighting: Automate your driveway and walkway lighting to change as you approach the house.
  10. TV Accent Lighting: Sync your accent lighting to your TV for an immersive viewing experience.
  11. Fridge Door Automation: Receive notifications if your fridge door is left open for too long, which saves energy and prevents food from spoiling.
  12. Yale Cabinet Lock: If you have an iPhone, you never have to worry about pets or kids getting into medicine, alcohol or cleaning supply cabinets again. The Yale Cabinet Lock mounts inside the cabinet and only opens when your iPhone is nearby.
  13. One-Button Entertainment System Startup: With a single button, power up your TV, adjust your shades, control your lighting and start your surround sound system.
  14. Scene Controller: Use a scene controller to control multiple smart lights and set up different lighting configurations.
  15. Pet Door Automation: Radio frequency sensors in your pet’s collar help control an automated pet door, so it only opens when your furry friend is ready to use it.
  16. Robot Vacuum Scheduling: Set your robot vacuum to clean only when you're not home for convenience and the peace of mind that comes with a clean floor upon returning.
  17. MyQ Garage Door Opener: Connect it with other contact sensors for additional automation like automatic closing or leaving notifications.
  18. Garage Heater: Save energy by turning off your garage heater when the garage door is open.
  19. AC Control: Use contact sensors to detect when windows are open and turn off the AC.
  20. Temperature Balance: With additional sensors throughout your house, you can automate fans and shades to balance the temperature room by room.
  21. Tool Security: Use contact sensors to alert you when someone is accessing your tools.
  22. Smart Thermostat: Pair your smart thermostat with additional sensors to control fans and heaters room by room.
  23. Bathroom Humidity Control: Use humidity and occupancy sensors to control ventilation based on humidity levels in your bathroom, preventing mold and buildup.

These innovations have the power to bring ease, convenience and efficiency to your daily routines, which could lead to a better quality of life. Remember, the ultimate smart home is not just about installing devices, but strategically automating them to serve your needs better. Now's the time to embrace these smart home automation ideas and experience the home of the future.