Study: Snowiest States Have Pricier Homes

Snow-covered homes

© DenisTangneyJr - iStock/Getty Images Plus

Areas of the country known as “snow belts” are real estate winners. Median-priced homes in the nation’s 10 snowiest states are more expensive than median-priced homes in the least snowy states, finds a study from LendingTree. In fact, homes in snowy states are about $13,000 more, on average, than areas that receive less snow.

That doesn’t apply to every market. For example, Hawaii—the least snowy state in the U.S.—is still nearly three times more expensive than the nation’s snowiest state, Vermont, the study notes.

However, in general, warmer climates don’t always have the hottest real estate. Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire have, on average, more than 79 inches of snowfall each year. Median home values in the states are $235,000, $211,000, and $297,800, respectively—about 3.5 times more than the median household incomes.

View the rankings by average annual snowfall per state and how it stacks up against median real estate costs.