Study: Singles Leave Cities Where They Lost Out on Love

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If you’re single and ready to mingle, should you also move?

Many singles say they moved to a new city or state for a fresh start after ending a romantic relationship, with four out of five relocating, according to a new survey conducted by Cinch Home Services. Singles were more than two times as likely to make such a post-breakup move during the pandemic than before it, the survey found. “With remote work becoming more common, moving doesn’t necessarily entail a job loss as often as it would have beforehand,” the study notes. “COVID-19 also caused major price fluctuations in living expenses, perhaps making a post-breakup move even more appealing.”

The top criteria for choosing a new city to move to among singles, according to the survey:

  • Job opportunities (49.2%)
  • Cost of living (37.8%)
  • Proximity to family (33.5%)
  • Social scene (24.3%)
  • Landscape features (24.3%)

Where are singles most likely to move? Cinch Home Services ranked cities based on the percentage of the population that is single, average post-tax monthly wages, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment, and the number of leisure locations within the city. Cinch Home Services identified the following top cities for singles in 2021.

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