Adapting your business practices in response to the pandemic is an evolving task.
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Adapting your business practices in response to the pandemic is an evolving task. Ensure your clients stick with you through the volatility by being extra attentive to their concerns. Here are suggestions for going above and beyond.

Prioritize personal communication. Put more energy into making contact with individual clients rather than sending out generic drip campaigns or listing promotions. Phone your customers, write handwritten notes, and send personalized videos to check in on their wellbeing and ask if they need any assistance. These steps reveal who you are as a caring professional—a cornerstone of personal branding—and help to deepen your clients’ loyalty.

Think online first. Some buyers and sellers are still anxious about engaging in person as the pandemic ebbs and flows. When preparing a listing for the market, you may want to focus first on capturing images for 3D home tours or video walkthroughs. That way, you’ll have dynamic visuals at all stages of your marketing in case you have sellers who object to face-to-face meetings. Consider drone photography, virtual staging, and dollhouse floor plan views to provide added value.

Discuss health measures at consultations. Clients expect you to have safeguards in place to protect them from the coronavirus during the selling process. Be upfront about the steps you’ll take to keep them safe, such as requiring protective gear during showings, setting up sanitation stations at open houses, and using remote lockboxes. Your conscientiousness could be a deciding factor for prospects.

Expand partnerships with other service providers. Network with title companies and real estate attorneys to develop a streamlined process for remote closings. Maintain a roster of service providers, including movers, stagers, and others, who do a good job of communicating their policies related to the pandemic.

Go beyond data in your podcast or blog. People are looking for reliable information during uncertain times. If you have your own YouTube channel, podcast, or blog, share insights about local market data that makes sense for your sphere. You also can share testimonials from your clients, buying and selling tips, and even entertainment to help make your connections stronger.

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