In The Trenches: In Plane Sight

A collection of stories from real estate professionals detailing crazy, funny, or poignant experiences that have happened on the job.

In Plane Sight

A young couple at one of my Saturday open houses asked about the noise level from a nearby county airport about five miles away. It was the second weekend I was holding the open house, and it had been quiet whenever I was there. “I’m sure a plane flies over now and then,” I said, “but it really isn’t that big an airport where the noise is constant.”

Immediately after I said that, a huge plane flew over the house. We awkwardly ignored it. When the couple went outside to check out the backyard, another jet passed overhead. We were all laughing at this point. A few minutes later, two more followed in succession!

After the fourth plane passed, I felt embarrassed and really couldn’t say much to the buyers, and they left. A few more planes went by, and that’s when someone told me that the Wings Over Wine Country Airshow was that weekend. I felt so silly. It was literally one of those “it flew right over my head” moments! —Denice Cull, Better Homes Realty, Sebastopol, Calif.

Shocking Yellow

I was conducting a buyer consultation in my office when my colleague burst through the door, shouting: “I’ve just listed the perfect house!” As she described it, my client’s ears perked up. I asked if we could view the home immediately. “Sure, it’s the yellow house with white shutters,” my colleague said, giving us directions. “I don’t have a key yet, but you can go on in. The carport door is unlocked.”

My client and I raced to the house and walked inside. Soon after, a bedroom door opened and out stepped a woman aiming a gun at us! “What are you doing in my house?!” she shouted. As I stammered in fear, explaining the situation, she lowered the gun. “My house is not for sale! Who is your broker? I’m going to call and get you fired!” My client and I ran out, and I realized our mistake. The house was white with yellow shutters—the opposite color scheme from what my colleague described. The owner was a day sleeper who had left her door unlocked. My client wasn’t happy, but ended up buying the right house—with another agent. —Maria Boling, Century 21 Lindsey & Pauley, Jasper, Ga.