Style: Formal to upscale casual; designer suit for everyday wear but can be scaled down to a sportcoat with jeans and loafers.

Todd Newton
My Home Group Real Estate
Scottsdale, Ariz.

What is your niche?

I focus on the $750,000-and-higher demographic, but I’m fortunate in that I have the opportunity to serve a wide array of clients.

How would you describe your sense of style for work?

Upscale casual. I certainly love the feel of my nicely tailored suits, but I understand that they are not required — or even appropriate — for every meeting or showing. That being said, my normal attire is a suit, crisp shirt, pocket square, and shoes with a nice shine. My priority is always showing the client respect and making them feel as comfortable as possible. I want them to recognize that I take my career seriously and that their real estate decision is in the best of hands. I believe nice clothes speak volumes to this.

How does your style fit your niche?

I meet business professionals relocating here from all over the country. I work with athletes, artists, and musicians — all of whom have their own unique sense of fashion. Many times, our choices of wardrobe provide a wonderful way to build rapport. I believe it comes back to respect for the client. A nice presentation, whether it be my wardrobe or where I take them to lunch, is a wonderful show of appreciation for their business.

‪What situations in your workday call for different wardrobe choices?

My wardrobe may vary slightly day-to-day based on a few different factors. For instance, I recently met a client at a baseball game because that was the only time his schedule allowed. I bought myself a ticket and threw on a cap, and we talked business in between innings. My pinstripe suit would have been way off-base — pun intended — for this get-together, not to mention hot and uncomfortable. Each occasion is different, but I try not to get any more casual than a nice pair of jeans, sport coat, and loafers. Image is key in business, and I never want to show up looking anything less than professional.


When are casual and formal outfits most appropriate for you?

When a meeting is held in a client’s home or in an office or boardroom setting, I will go all out. Fortunately, after 20-plus years in a prior career in television, I have acquired a nice collection of suits and developed an appreciation for them. I believe we all need to develop the art of being able to read a room regardless of what we do for a living. That is an important quality in the quest for success.

‪If I know I am going to be touring several homes with a client or attending the grand opening of a new restaurant for networking purposes, I may scale it down a notch or two in the interest of comfort. With the climate being what it is here in Arizona, the heat sometimes serves as the ideal excuse to wear a nice linen shirt when it is appropriate.

What is one of your favorite accessories?

I have developed a fondness for nice ties and rarely pass on an excuse to wear one.

What is one workplace fashion mistake you will never make?

Letting a client see my tattoos too quickly. I am a bit of a tattoo connoisseur and have collected pieces from some of the top artists from around the world. As commonplace as tattoos are in today’s society, I respect the fact that they are still not for everyone. For that reason, my pieces are easily covered. I will say, however, that I’ve yet to receive one piece of negative feedback from clients regarding tattoos. My tattoos have served as the foundation for some wonderful conversations.

‪Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

Hugo Boss suits seem to fit me quite well, and their styles are always up-to-date. Many of my accessories are from Burberry. For shoes, I lean toward Johnston & Murphy because I know that I can shop for both dress and casual in one spot. Timepieces are also important when you spend a majority of your time dealing with the public. A nice watch can be a key ingredient in a well-orchestrated outfit. It exudes style but doesn’t need to break the bank. Movado is my current choice of watchmakers.

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