Your networking can pay dividends.
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Thirty-year real estate veteran Gary Rogers, ABR, CRS, broker-owner, RE/MAX on the Charles, Waltham, Mass., has focused on generating incoming and outgoing referrals throughout his career. He shares four of his most useful tips for building agent-to-agent relationships.

Focus on meaningful connections. It’s not about giving your business card to everyone you meet. The purpose of exchanging business cards, he says, is to facilitate further communication after an initial connection.

Use referral business cards. Create a separate set of cards to use for networking with other agents and brokers. Include info on who you are, a visual or text explainer of your market area, a nod to your experience, and an easy way to contact you.

Set up a referral website. If you’re more serious about making referrals a primary source of business, build a dedicated website with an easy- to-remember URL, specifics about your market, and info that makes you memorable.

Customize your directory profiles. Referral directories may seem outdated, but Rogers says they’re still widely used by many agents. Fill out every field and make it clear that you’re an active agent.