SentriLock Sues Competitor, Alleging Patent Infringement

Sentrilock lockbox

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SentriLock, a real estate lockbox company backed by the National Association of REALTORS®, has filed a lawsuit against its competitor Supra, alleging patent infringement related to its lockbox technology.

SentriLock alleges Supra’s parent company, Carrier Global, of knowingly copying its technology and repeatedly warned Supra of the infringement. In a statement released Tuesday, SentriLock stated that it filed the lawsuit to put an end to the infringement and to recover the damages it sustained.

“Innovation in the real estate technology sector takes capital and time—and it’s the foundation of our commitment to the industry,” Scott Fisher, SentriLock founder and president, said in a statement announcing the lawsuit. “If Supra is permitted to profit from patents that it does not own, a chilling message will be sent to others in the industry that this illegal activity is acceptable, and that investments in innovation may not be able to be recouped by companies like ours who heavily invest in improving technology for our customers.”