How Homeowners May Reduce Insurance Premiums

person holding a model home in their hands

© Peter Dazeley - The Image Bank / Getty Images

The price of homeowners’ insurance is on the rise, and many owners may be looking for ways to reduce their high premiums. While discounts can vary greatly based on location, size, and age of the house, some credits may be available that could reduce some homeowners’ premiums by as much as thousands of dollars per year, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The average premium for a homeowners insurance policy increased 3.1% to $1,249 in 2018, the latest year for which data are available. Luxury homes tend to be much more costly to insure than standard homes since they are larger and have more decorative features within.

Here are some ways homeowners may be able to save on their homeowners’ insurance costs:

Bundles: Look into bundling a policy—insuring the home, car, or boat all with the same firm. Some homeowners report a 12% reduction in their premiums by doing this.

Security: Some homeowners find they’re eligible for a reduction by having an alarm system in their home, up to 10% in some cases. Homeowners who live near a fire station or hydrant also may be eligible for a discount.

Disaster prevention: Some credits may be available for installing a water sensor to detect leaks, which could provide a 2% credit from some agencies. Owners in disaster-prone areas who install hurricane-protected windows or shutters could also see discounts.

Updates: Many homeowners updated parts of their homes during the pandemic, which may make them eligible for a discount. For example, replacing a roof or windows or updating the electrical system could lower the risk to the insurance company, which may justify a lower premium.

Green upgrades: Some homeowner insurance companies, like Travelers, offer a 5% discount for a green home that is LEED-certified.

Claims-free: Also, homeowners who have had no claims for several years may be eligible for a “claims-free” discount.

Compare policies: More than a quarter of Americans say they never compared insurance quotes, according to a March survey from ValuePenguin. But those who did said they were able to save money. Homeowners with existing policies also should consult their insurance agent to check into which discounts they may be eligible for.