Home Features Prompting More Americans to Move

A family running happily through their backyard of a new home.

© Westend61 - Getty Images

About 40% of 2,100 Americans recently surveyed say they are considering a move in 2022. Gen Z and millennials, remote workers, renters, and parents with young children are all planning a move, according to a new survey from LendingTree.

For the more than 800 survey respondents planning a move this year, their top reasons are a home that is more pet-friendly, offers more outdoor space, and has a large kitchen.

The home features leading their housing searches also typically differ by age group. Gen Zers and Gen Xers ranked a happy home for their pets as a top must-have. Millennials, on the other hand, prioritize outdoor space. A large kitchen ranks highest among priorities for millennials and baby boomers, the survey finds.

A bar chart showing the must-have features in a home for buyers to move into.

Meanwhile, Americans’ top gripes about their current homes are that they’re too small and that their homes are too expensive.

A bar chart showing the reasons Americans are planning to move