What Home Features Buyers Are Prioritizing This Spring

A family gathers in their backyard at a table with an umbrella over it. The yard has many trees and plants.

© Taiyou Nomachi - DigitalVision / Getty Images

Home prices are high and buyers often can’t find a listing that includes everything on their wish lists. But buyers are showing preferences for certain home features in their searches, particularly outdoor amenities and views.

Realtor.com®’s data team analyzed the home features that home buyers are looking for to identify the most popular search terms in listings.

“People want to live indoors, but they want to live outdoors as well,” Cara Ameer, a real estate professional with Coldwell Banker, who is licensed in California and Florida, told realtor.com®. “That idea became big during the pandemic.”

The following are some of the amenities that buyers are prioritizing:

Water features: Swimming pools continue to be the most popular search term this year. Pools have increasingly gained popularity since the pandemic began. Hot tubs or spas also are popular.

Outdoor views: Buyers want a property with a view. The most desired views: a river, waterfront, beach, water, lake, or golf course. It’s about “enhancing your living experience because people want to feel like they’re on vacation all the time,” Ameer told realtor.com®.

Outdoor activities and fitness: Buyers also showed preference for properties with facilities for horses, community boating, community golf, tennis, or basketball. They want activities nearby that they can enjoy, particularly for in-between breaks if they’re working from home all day.

Roominess: Buyers searched for cathedral ceilings, a “big lot,” an outbuilding, and a library. High ceilings make spaces feel larger and more open, and buyers are being drawn to homes that look and are spacious. A library or an outbuilding—a detached structure like a garage or shed—also may be serving as another remote work hot spot in the home.

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