A Third of Americans Say Their Dream Home Is Attainable

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One in three consumers believes their dream home is financially attainable one day, according to a new survey from Buildworld, an international company that offers building materials. Millennials are the most optimistic, with about 38% believing they’ll one day buy their dream home, while Gen Z is the least optimistic at about 19%.

What makes a dream home? Buildworld recently surveyed 1,000 consumers in the U.S. and United Kingdom to find out.

Here are some highlights from the study.

Exteriors and Interior Home Preferences

Modern farmhouse exterior styles and a rustic modern interior were among the most popular.

One in five consumers called the modern farmhouse their “dream home.” A modern farmhouse combines contemporary style with a farmhouse aesthetic.

Inside, rustic modern was the most popular interior style. It includes modern furniture with preserved and natural architectural features, an open floor, and lots of light, Buildworld notes.

Age groups tended to show slightly different preferences for interiors and exteriors.

Home styles ranked by generation

Most Desired Amenities

Outdoor home features have gotten more priority since the pandemic, such as gardens, patios, and porch spaces.

Overall, the must-have home features among U.S. respondents for a dream home were: a garden, garage, patio or porch, natural light, and a primary suite with a bathroom.

Buildworld’s survey revealed the following amenities created a dream home for most respondents.

Home features most desired