Turn the Pages for a Great Year

Guest Editor Mike Ford rolls up his sleeves to weigh in on the value of an association magazine.

The day I visited with the REALTOR® Magazine staff to serve as guest editor, our conversation turned to the best ways for the National Association of REALTORS® to communicate with members. Do people pay more attention to email or social media? Print or online? Article or “listicle”? The consensus was all of the above.

What I got most excited about was the chance to discuss the thought process behind the compelling collection of stories that we’d be delivering to you. REALTOR® Magazine is a touchpoint for us—all 1.2 million of us—providing a visually engaging package of practical and inspiring business-related information and perspectives six times a year.

In this issue, take a few minutes to learn about our 2017 President Bill Brown and the awe-inspiring personal story that fuels the theme for his presidency, “Poised for Revolution”. With the nation experiencing a seismic shift in leadership, we can feel confident that Bill and his leadership team will stay laser-focused on supporting our interests and success. In the Top of Mind section, the editors try to focus on topics that truly are top of mind in our industry and in our broader culture. Here, they explore the sensitive issue of sexual harassment—and provide brokers with practical policy guidance.

The commentary “Why Can’t I Get a Tiny Home?” embodies one of the main reasons I always look forward to opening the magazine. I’ve worked in this industry for 38 years as an agent, broker-owner, and developer. In 2015, I served as an appointed NAR vice president. The one thing I know for sure about this business is that there’s always something new to learn. I’ve often wondered whether my wife, Lesia, who’s also a REALTOR®, and I could live in a home of less than 1,000 square feet; now I know it’s unlikely a bank would give me, or anyone else, a mortgage loan to buy one! I’ve been intrigued by these properties as depicted on TV and social media, and I’d never before thought about the missed opportunities surrounding their purchase or resale.

REALTOR® Magazine plays a unique role in our association. The physical publication makes a tangible statement about who we are as REALTORS®. Indeed, I’ve found that a print magazine is sometimes the most helpful tool for synthesizing and communicating information about the digital world. I’ve learned how to use social media more effectively in business and ways to better showcase listings online by reading the magazine. At my brokerage, Coldwell Banker Heritage Homes, we regularly discuss articles in business meetings, and they make us smarter in our dealings with clients.

For those of you who work in markets filled with non-REALTOR® licensees, the content may even give you a competitive edge. You know NAR’s “Get Realtor®” ad campaign, launched last year, that tells consumers they’ll get real value from using a REALTOR® in a transaction? Well, you’ll be doing yourself a similar favor when you “Get REALTOR® Magazine.”