A Reality Show That Gets Real

The eight-part docuseries from NAR spotlights how buyers benefit from working with a REALTOR®.
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Building trust: NAR’s new docuseries shows how working with a REALTOR® helps first-time buyers overcome obstacles to get to the closing table.

The stars of most reality shows about real estate are over-the-top home features like walk-in closets with their own wine bar and kitchen islands the size of St. Maarten. Fun to watch, but not especially relatable for most consumers or agents. If you’ve been waiting for a more realistic portrayal of the homebuying process, tune in to a new eight-part docuseries, “First-Time Buyer,” by the National Association of REALTORS®.

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Whether it’s helping buyers determine whether a house has a sinkhole in the backyard or coming up with a solution for clients who have no place to stay before the closing on their new home, the series spotlights the benefits of working with a REALTOR®. The show is an extension of NAR’s Consumer Advertising Campaign, which makes clear to the public how REALTORS®’ commitment to a Code of Ethics makes them different from nonmember agents. “We’re truly showing the REALTOR® value in the homebuying experience,” says Alicia Bailey, NAR’s director of marketing strategy, who oversaw the production company, Happy Street Entertainment, that selected the participants and developed the show.

“First-Time Buyer” provides an up-close look at real-life home buyers in Phoenix, Nashville, and Atlanta with distinct lessons about how REALTORS® “work their magic” to keep sales on track. Filming began in February and, after a COVID-19 delay, was completed in May with safety precautions in place.

By showing the hiccups that occur while buying a home, “First-Time Buyer” underscores how REALTORS® support their clients through any hurdle. “It’s never as smooth a process as it appears on other shows,” says Susan Welter, NAR’s vice president of creative and content strategy.

But when buyers excitedly receive the keys to their new home for the first time, the joy for all is palpable—and every bit as powerful as the “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams” represented in shows celebrating opulence and escapism.

Find all eight episodes on Roku, Facebook Watch, YouTube, and nar.realtor. Meet the REALTORS® who star in the show:

Kandis Palmer

Kandis Palmer: Selling With Style

The hair salon owner turned real estate team leader explains how filming the show deepened her rapport with
her clients.


Kim Watts

Kim Watts: Mixing Business With Family

The Nashville-area practitioner had to manage a little family drama behind the scenes while helping her nephew find a home.


Maria Sanchez

Maria Sanchez: ‘First-Timers Are More Work But More Rewarding’

The real estate pro explains why shoes mattered as much as problem-solving skills while filming her episode.



Twjana Echols-Jones

Twjana Echols-Jones: Reenvisioning ‘The One’

Working in a searing-hot market sometimes results in disappointed buyers. The Nashville real estate pro explains how her design background can lead to success.


Jill and Corey Wright

Jill and Corey Wright: A Rude Bird Was Just the Start

The unsinkable Wright Home Team stays cool in the face of unwelcome surprises with their.



William Wilson

William Wilson: Real Estate in the Key of Life

This Nashville real estate pro makes clear how buyer clients may rely on your negotiation skills even before they find the right home.


Kenneth Cano

Kenneth Cano: Supporting Those Who Serve

Soon after arriving at Luke Air Force Base near Phoenix, the El Paso, Texas, native was sold on the area. On the show, he explains to fellow military members how VA loans can make homeownership dreams possible.

Rachel Mooney

Rachel Mooney: When the Student Becomes the Teacher

The Atlanta-based team leader works with many clients who had never imagined that owning a home could be within their reach. Guiding them and her team of five are her great joys.