A picture of a decrepit house with boarded up windows and broken front door.

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The housing market remains competitive, but not to the point where home shoppers will overlook some kinds of flaws in a home. Exterior issues, like bad siding or loose bricks, and weatherproofing issues are among the biggest issues that home buyers said would make them pass on a home, according to a survey from HomeAdvisor of more than 1,700 homeowners about their biggest deal breakers.

A list of homebuying deal breakers

But home buyers will still pursue homes that simply need some TLC or may have other, smaller flaws that could be flagged on a home inspection report.

Buyers say they are still likely to pursue a home if the home is in a fire zone or has lead paint, radon, or yard or landscaping issues, the study says.

Home buyers are showing a willingness to remodel when needed. The most important factors to them when they buy: price, home size, and an updated kitchen, the study finds.

A list of things that matter most to home buyers when looking for a home.