List Issue Tips

REALTOR® Magazine's List Issue is packed with timely tips, inspirational words, and valuable resources to help you succeed in any market.

Covering sales, marketing, commercial real estate, design, law and ethics, technology, and brokerage concerns, our list issue comes out every year in April. Here, readers can access the last three years' worth of these valuable resources.

2016 List Issue: Set Your Career In Motion

Nearly one hundred fresh ideas and new approaches for getting you and your business to the place you want it be.

2012 List Issue: Take the Lead

229 tips and trends to help you get where you want to be.

2011 Lists: The New Basics

233 indispensable tips to help you succeed.

2010 Lists: Your Best Ideas

281 tips to from experts and your colleagues.

2009 Lists: Right Tools, Right Now

274 useful tips and tactics to help your business soar.

2008 Lists: Your Handbook for Success

165 tips, tactics, and techniques — all written with your business success in mind.

2007 Lists: The Only Tool You Need

Tips on prospecting, selling and marketing, saving time and money, legal issues, and technology, as well as today’s hottest real estate trends.

2006 List Issue: Get it Done

Tips on prospecting for new customers, polishing your sense of style, navigating business and legal issues, and improving your tech I.Q.

2005 List Issue: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Real Estate

Hundreds of useful tips, from need-to-know federal laws to troubleshooting wireless networking problems. Plus: a section on work-life balance.

2004 List Issue: All You Need to Succeed

More than 300 tips to put the “edge” in your education.

2003 List Issue: How to Get it Done

Hundreds of ideas on how to work smarter and accomplish more—connect with more prospects, make and keep more money, and better manage your business.