There Are No Shortcuts to Media Exposure

If you want to get noticed by a news outlet, you have to be a worthwhile source. Here’s how one Texas-based broker landed in the national spotlight.

Any time I’m featured on a national TV show, I get a lot of calls, texts, and social media messages. The question I’m most frequently asked is, “How exactly did you land there?” The answer is simple: humility and hard work.

Early on in my career, I searched endlessly for magic shortcuts to entrepreneurial success. Over the years, I learned that there are no shortcuts. And being recognized by media outlets does not happen overnight. If you’re a broker looking for publicity from a local or national news channel, my best advice would be to find that thing that makes you stand out against your competitors.

What makes us different at Rogers Healy and Associates is our cutting-edge, nontraditional marketing. If you follow us on social media, you’ll get it. Recently, we used Facebook Live to stream a panel discussion featuring six of our agents presenting their best real estate practices to an audience of eager rookies.

Lately, I’ve been getting tremendous amounts of business exposure through nationally syndicated networks. I have started to frequent Fox Business News as their go-to real estate expert. One of the casting directors of “Fox and Friends” saw my segment, emailed me, and a few days later, I was on a flight to New York to appear on the show.

The media attention built up gradually, starting back in 2006, when a reporter from The Dallas Morning News first interviewed me. She wanted my two cents on the state of the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market. I was so confused, and I thought to myself, “Why do they want to talk to me?” I remember overthinking what I was going to say and stuttering my way through the entire phone call.

Thankfully, I’ve gained a lot of confidence since then. A big part of that comes from experience. But I always prepare for television segments and interviews with talking points. It’s important to be prepared, no matter what situation you’re in.

About three years ago, I realized my business approach needed to change. I used to lead with my ego and not my heart. I found out that it’s more important to broker relationships than to broker deals. Cheesy, right? Well, every person I’ve met in my real estate journey has influenced who I am today, and for that, I am grateful.

My connections, inadvertently, may also be a reason for my media appearances. Once you’ve proven yourself as an expert in your market and you’ve built strong relationships, people will remember you and refer you — both in business and in the media. It also doesn’t hurt to shoot your local newspaper or TV news station an email offering yourself up as a source. Your specific expertise may be just what they’re looking for.

It has been an exciting ride, but through it all, I can say without a doubt that my faith has kept me grounded. So, to sum up, if you want media exposure, first find your niche or market expertise, then focus on building strong relationships, and always present your knowledge clearly and concisely to all who seek your help.


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