Landing Your First Speaking Gig

Brokers looking to show off their industry expertise and gain public speaking experience should practice in these four settings.

Imagine all eyes are on you. The room is quiet enough to hear a pin drop. You’re aware of each breath you take. Everyone is expecting you to not only say something of value but also entertain. The lights are bright and you are standing there, vulnerable, with nowhere to hide.

Now imagine you are refined in your speaking skills; you are confident and polished. You are well-received by your audience, and when you finish your speech, you receive a standing ovation. You see smiles on faces, and attendees take your message back to their company or team to execute with success.

Wielding a microphone is a huge responsibility. You must reach the hearts and minds of your audience and grab the attention of even the most disengaged person in the room. Brokers who want to participate in paid or unpaid speaking opportunities to build authority and brand awareness should start by refining their presentation, public speaking, and storytelling skills. Here are four places to gain real-world experience.

In your own office. Book a speech trainer or coach for your team so that you and your agents build skills together. You will have an opportunity to engage with and speak in front of a familiar audience while trying out new presentation techniques. Your agents will gain valuable communication skills that will help them in the field. The activity could also help boost morale within your group.

At your local REALTOR® association. Submit a written proposal to the education director. Local associations need speakers for conferences and special events. While you may not be the headlining act, you might get to speak about something innovative, new, or trending while building your confidence on stage.

At a public library or local chamber of commerce. Reach out to the staff of your local library or business chamber about events, workshops, and other speaking opportunities. Libraries want to engage the community and often seek the help of local experts to carry out their mission. Getting involved in your local chamber is also a great way to practice delivering your message while simultaneously making business connections.

In your social sphere. Facebook Live allows you to present directly to your network through streaming video. You can set up an event from your Facebook page or personal profile. Give a quick market update or a brief property preview. Speaking in front of a live audience — even through video — is great experience.

You have a community just waiting to help you speak; all you have to do is ask. According to motivational speaker Les Brown, “When you can rise to the platform and speak well, you can make great things happen—not only for the audience but for yourself and your career.”


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