Brokers’ Top Picks: Handling Low Inventories, Helping Agents Thrive

Brokers were busy preparing their agents to help navigate a competitive housing market in these most-read articles of 2021 at REALTOR® Magazine.
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Brokers were busy helping to prepare their agents to navigate a competitive housing market in these top-read articles of 2021 at REALTOR® Magazine.

Helping Clients and Agents in a Low Inventory Market

Prepare buyers for steep competition and what they may need to include in their offer.

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As kitchens get a robust workout due to more people cooking and working at home, design professions have responded with chic, functional updates.

5 Tips to Help Clients Prepare for Estate Sales

Real estate pros can share this information with their sellers to ensure their estate sale runs smoothly.

6 Tips for Guiding Buyers in a Seller’s Market

Inventory is bleak, but there are still ways brokers and agents can help their clients find the right home.

12 Creative Real Estate Marketing Tips

Whether you’re selling a house or looking to attract more business, these strategies will help.