3 Ways COVID-19 May Reshape Company Culture

Tips for achieving a hybrid workplace balance from Chuck Crumpton, CEO of Medpoint LLC.
office workers in masks

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Broker-owners may be adjusting to a hybrid workplace in which some staff and agents work on-site while others work from home. Here are three tips for achieving a balance from Chuck Crumpton, CEO of Medpoint LLC, a consulting firm, and author of The Jagged Journey: A Raw & Real Memoir About the Non-Perfect Path of Life & Business.

Provide technical and emotional support. While technology is key to keeping remote staff and agents functioning at a high level, brokers must also create a culture of mutual support. “You want to get people helping and looking out for each other,” he says. “Not every Google Chat, call, or email has to be business-related.”

Embrace the “family feel.” Work and family identities may be more co-mingled in a teleworking situation. Office leaders should embrace it. “People are more relatable now. Colleagues and clients are sharing a screen with their kids or pets in the background,” he says. “The blending of the personal and professional is liberating.”

More—and better—communication. With office managers and agents in different locations, frequent communication promotes cohesiveness and keeps business moving. Videoconferencing improves responsiveness and collaboration. “Everyone being in this together brings new levels of connection with colleagues and clients,” he says. That goodwill should carry forward when the pandemic recedes and beyond.”