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Tip: Follow up with potential clients by calling them one week and mailing them information the next.

When Todd Stock, of RE/MAX Tri-State Realty in Angola, Ind., decided to try radio advertising, it wasn’t hard to select the station.

Only one radio station serves his northeast Indiana county, comprising three towns of about 10,000 each—so Stock’s got the market covered. He began placing ads three years ago, with his spots running about 10 times per month. Now his ads run about 55 times each month.

“It’s a little scary to go into the studio and know your voice is going to be played over the air,” he says. “But it’s been worth the results.” Indeed, his sales in 2001 topped $9 million.

“I’m selective about when I run spots. I don’t run them when I’ll be out of town,” he says, “because I know I won’t be there to respond to calls.” He also avoids running ads when locals are likely to be traveling, such as during spring breaks.

An advertising rep at the station helps Stock write focused ads. “He asks questions about what I want people to know about my company, which really makes me think about what I want to say,” Stock says.

What makes a good radio ad? Conviction. “If you’re going to say it’s a great time to sell,” he says, “you need to believe it, so that comes across in your ad.”