Century 21 Champion

“Put the power of computer technology to work for you.”

What makes him special: Dang emigrated with his family from Vietnam when he was 16 years old. His family’s struggles back home and in the United States made a lasting impression. “I really believe my attitude makes the difference,” he says. “I wake up every day thankful I’m alive and living in America.” That winning attitude helped Dang bring in $11 million in sales last year.

The Asian connection: Dang serves a melting pot of clients and customers, though he markets himself extensively to the Asian community. His fluency in Vietnamese helps him build trust with fellow Vietnamese emigrés.

Making contact: His goal is to make five new contacts every day from listing appointments, open houses, social engagements, and even trips to the grocery store.

He’s not in San Jose for nothing: Dang employs such tools as e-mail marketing and a PDA. “I use my PDA to show clients and customers listings,” he says, “and when I have down time away from the office, I sit in my car and enter prospects’ information into the PDA.”