Liberty Properties & Associates Inc.

Haddad was 18 and nearly a college graduate when he started selling investment properties to classmates and their families. It wasn't too difficult to demonstrate the upside of buying a four-bedroom home with 100-percent financing and renting three of the bedrooms to other students to cover the mortgage. Before he graduated, he sold more than a half-dozen homes. He finished his first year in real estate with 25 closed transaction sides. In 2005 he closed 105 transaction sides totaling $32 million in sales.

Family affair: Haddad's parents and brothers are also in real estate -- as investors, developers, and brokers. After emigrating from Jordan, Haddad's father worked as a bus driver for 16 years before he bought his first investment property.

Hitting the books: Haddad, who's fluent in Arabic, plans to get his Arizona broker's license as soon as he's eligible, in January 2007. Meanwhile, he's studying for the Texas real estate exam; his research shows there's opportunity for investors in the Lone Star State, he says. "Being 20, I can go where the opportunity takes me."