Concept 2000 Realty Inc.
7920 ACC Blvd. Suite 210
Raleigh, NC 27617
United States
North Carolina US

A virtual sensation

In six years, Sheri Moritz parlayed a $150 real estate course into a multimillion-dollar business with 14 sales associates. And she became a pioneer in her area, using the concept of a virtual office to grow her business without growing her office space.

Moritz’s sales associates all work from home and are required to have personal computers, cell phones, pagers, Internet access, and e-mail. Most also have printers, faxes, and laptops (her Web site is www.realtor.com/triangleareanc/concept2000. For more on her company, see “Companies to Watch,” December 1999). To keep track of the associates’ activities, Moritz depends on the phone, e-mail, and weekly coffee klatches.

The company’s volume last year nearly tripled to $30 million as the company opened a branch in suburban Holly Springs and made plans for another in Charlotte.

“I’ve done no recruiting. They all come to me when they hear about my company and how much business I do.”