Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

Goldstein’s success strategy for real estate is one she adapted from the retail world—sell in bulk. “When I started in the business, I realized it takes a lot of work to sell one property at a time. So I started selling to large groups of people through investors’ clubs,” she says. Goldstein approached several condo developers with a proposition: “If I can sell 10 units in your project, how much of a discount can you give buyers, and how much better a commission can you give me?” Both buyers and developers bought into this win-win idea. As a result, Goldstein closed 111 sales totaling $50 million in 2006.

Cowboy values: Goldstein says her biggest influence has been her father, a world champion rodeo cowboy, who instilled drive, determination, and a positive attitude in her. “My model is to outwork the competition,” she says.

A second chance: After she’s made her mark as a developer, Goldstein wants to retire at 35 to spend time helping animals and children in need. She’s already founded a nonprofit organization called Silver Lining Rehabilitation to rehabilitate horses slated for euthanasia