Sales associate
Realty One

“Be dedicated to your job and committed to your goals.”

Since he was a small child, Sandy Maclin knew he wanted to be a real estate professional. “I always loved looking at all the different types of houses,” he says. “I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

He turned his childhood dream into a career that netted him more than $1 million in closed sales in 2000, his first year selling real estate full-time.

“Generating clientele was a major challenge. You start with nothing and just try to build,” Maclin says. “But I did a lot of networking with people I knew.”

Maclin entered the business with a natural love of working with and helping people. But he soon discovered that he needed more than people skills to succeed in real estate. “You have to be really patient,” he says. “That’s something I had to learn.”

Maclin got a chance to use his patience when a seller disappeared in the middle of the closing process. “We had a buyer and the seller knew it, but I couldn’t find her anywhere,” he says.

That deal fell through, but it didn’t dampen Maclin’s enthusiasm.

“I’m very spiritual,” he says, “and when things aren’t going great, I just try to stay focused.”