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‘Beanie Baby’ Graduate

Sam Sawyer, 29, is so assertive in his business that he even made a pitch for client leads in his 30 Under 30 application. “I am perpetually focused on generating business,” he says. Sawyer’s success is built on that single-mindedness, along with developing lasting relationships with clients. He’s been selling and trading since middle school, when he entered the Beanie Baby market. “I was hooked when I learned the return on investment, so I began purchasing Beanie Babies from friends and their parents to resell online,” Sawyer says. He knew early on that he wanted to invest in real estate and be a market expert. As he and his friends finished college, he saw the need to provide his peers with services they could trust. “I began my journey in real estate not only with exuberance for the industry and for property but also to be an advocate for my friends,” he says.