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The art of delegation

Ryan Searle is the kind of guy many in real estate love to hate.

Why? Because real estate isn’t Searle’s passion. He’s in it for the money. And he makes a lot of it. In 1999 his volume topped $60 million.

Searle got his start “knocking on 600 doors a day, five days a week. From the third month on, I never made less than $20,000 a month.”

Trouble was, he was working so hard that there wasn’t any time to enjoy his newfound affluence.

“I shadowed the top four or five people in the business—Craig Proctor, Ralph Roberts, Allen Domb, and others—and tried to implement some of what I’d learned,” he says.

What he’d learned was the art of delegation. Just seven months into the business, Searle hired his first buyer specialist. He hired two more, plus an assistant, within another two months.

The new way of doing business didn’t go over well with his colleagues. So he left to start his own company. Now his staff includes two processors, 10 buyer specialists, one seller specialist, a listing manager, a contact manager, a courier—and his wife. She’s the office accountant.