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A Patient Approach

Ryan Jancula, 27, handled one of the most difficult transactions of his life last year. His client was an emotionally distraught seller who claimed the neighbors were driving her out of her $1.5 million home. Because of his client’s fragile mental state, navigating the sale required a great deal of patience and sensitivity. Fortunately, he was prepared. Growing up with a single mother in an economically diverse area of Los Angeles—and having to help his family pay the bills at age 16—Jancula has navigated many delicate situations in his life. In high school, while his wealthier schoolmates wore Rolex watches and drove luxury cars, Jancula learned resilience and the ability to adapt to all kinds of personalities. Responding to his troubled client’s desire for a home with more privacy, they found the right property after a year of searching and escrow hangups. “She told me, ‘You saved my life.’ Even if that wasn’t totally true, in her mind, I did,” he says.