Sales associate
Adams, Cameron & Co.
54 S. Atlantic Avenue
Ormond Beach, FL 32176
United States
Florida US

“Chase the business and let people know you’re extremely happy to be working with them.”

Ryan Adams turned a job as a boat salesman into a booming career selling real estate along Florida’s east coast.

It doesn’t hurt that Adams has an intimate relationship with water. He grew up and still lives near Daytona Beach. “As a kid I set crab traps in the water. I know coastal properties, the water depth, and the neighbors.”

Not only that, Adams is part of a real estate family. His grandmother founded a brokerage, and his father has been its president for most of Adams’ life.

Adams always planned to join the business, but his dad suggested he first go out and work in sales to be sure he’d like it. Adams sold boats for four years. When he joined the brokerage company in 1998, he sent a mailing to his customers--”a database of 1,000 boat owners I knew personally,” he says.

He got so many calls he didn’t send a second mailing for eight months. Past customers helped Adams net $9.1 million in sales in 2000. “I grew up in this community, and I’m very fond of it,” he says, “I love when I convince someone to move here.”