Rogers Healy & Associates
3001 Knox Street #210
Dallas, TX 75205
United States
Texas US

Celebrity Sightings: If you’ve ever wondered who pop singer Jessica Simpson and football star Tony Romo think of when they think of real estate, they’ll tell you by their shirts emblazoned with Rogers Healy's name. Britney Spears even donned one in a People magazine photo. These aren’t paid endorsements but rather friends trying to help out their favorite real estate pro.

Getting in the act: When Healy graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, he set out for Hollywood. After a brief stint in acting, he returned to Dallas and a job in commercial real firm. But the work didn’t satisfy his entrepreneurial ambition. At 26, he opened Rogers Healy and Associates Residential Real Estate. Today, the brokerage has 15 sales associates and caters to recent college graduates on the hunt for their first rental or purchase. In 2008, he personally closed 30 sides and $15 million in sales.

Tweet about it: Healy stays in touch with his contacts through Facebook and other social media sites. He boasts more than 4,000 online friends and makes regular status updates on new listings.