Prudential Preferred Properties-Gold Coast

“Pay attention to the details.”

For all the struggling new licensees out there, Williams is a reminder that success often requires perseverance. She didn’t get her first sale for seven months. But she stayed the course, tapping into savings and working 60-hour weeks. After she made her first sale, two others came fast on its heels. In 2003, she closed nine transactions with a volume of $2.15 million.

History lover: Condos are Williams’ bread and butter, but she also sells historic single-family homes and loves having the opportunity to explain a vintage property’s charms, such as pocket doors and servants’ quarters. The prime hunting ground for those historic homes: Chicago’s Southside Bronzeville neighborhood. During open houses, she engages buyers by asking questions, such as, “What do you think about the price?” and “How does this compare with other homes you’ve seen?”

Life-lesson learned: Real estate has little to do with selling a house, she says. The easy part is to find or sell the house; the harder part is to serve customers and get referrals. She’s found the secret; one buyer said of Williams, “She was such a joy to work with, after we closed the sale, I wanted to buy another home just to hang out with her.”