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Tip: Be organized and develop a time management system.

When she studied for her real estate license, Nishika Jones already owned a successful cleaning business.

Her goal was to learn about real estate investing. But a funny thing happened on the way to becoming an investor. She decided to try her hand at selling, and she’s never looked back. Jones, a sales associate with Tenant Buyer Homes in Baltimore, reached $3 million in sales in 2001.

Jones works a time-intensive niche: first-time buyers of HUD and VA properties. She finds the rehab process interesting and doesn’t mind the extra hoops involved in seeing such transactions through to the end. “It’s worthwhile to help people buy something below market and see it fixed up,” says Jones. “Long after the settlement process, I stay in touch with buyers and stop by to see how they’re doing.”

It’s not surprising that she’s developed a strong referral business. But she can’t depend on referrals alone. Jones lands new clients through homebuying seminars. “It’s important to make a quality contact,” she says. “People have so many questions, and it’s helpful when you can answer them in an informal group setting. It’s an ideal way to introduce myself and my company’s services.”