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“The most important client is the one you’re with at that moment.”

What makes him special: Since starting his own company in 2001, Flores has focused on one and only one audience: Internet users, mainly South Americans, wanting to buy or sell waterfront condos. Flores personally did $6 million in sales in 2002 and now has 17 salespeople.

Making contact: To reach absentee owners who don’t hit his Web site, Flores finds their addresses on the tax rolls and regularly sends postcards and letters letting them know how the market’s doing. “You have to be consistent. I send something about every six weeks,” he says. “When they’re ready to sell and the market is good, they’ll contact me.”

Service after the sale: Flores created a concierge program to connect clients with top-notch service providers, such
as painters, electricians, and carpenters. Out-of-town buyers don’t know any service providers here,” he says.

Bottom-line benefit: The concierge program pays off in more than satisfied customers. Some providers pay Platinum Properties a percentage of their profits from Flores’ referrals.