Michael Bellings (2018)

891 Beach Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States
California US

Paving an Affordable Path

Native San Franciscans who haven’t yet fled the staggeringly expensive Bay Area can seem as rare as unicorns, says Michael Bellings, 28. A lifelong city resident himself, Bellings often works with wealthy international and domestic buyers looking to invest in San Francisco’s premier properties. But he also specializes in finding entry-level homes that millennials who are not part of the tech elite can afford. He hosts first-time buyer seminars to educate them on down payment requirements—“You don’t need 20 percent down,” he points out—and helps clients find financial solutions so they can stay in their hometown if they choose to. Bellings donates a portion of every commission to Home for a Home, an organization that builds affordable, stable housing for low-income families.