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Clients for Life

Melissa Kennedy, 29, started taking real estate courses at the age of 19 while on a tour bus traveling to gigs with her then-husband, a successful musician. “I needed to make sure I had a skill and a way to make a living for myself because living in the shadow of a rock musician was hard. I needed my own identity,” Kennedy says. By the time the couple divorced, she had already started to establish herself in real estate. In 2007, she opened her first office, only to see the bottom fall out of the market. Kennedy’s boutique office specializes in distressed properties in Orange County. “If you focus on hard work, ethical behavior, and providing the best service possible,” says Kennedy, “you will build a network that sticks with you for life.”

Tip: "My continued persistence through good and bad markets has been a huge factor in my success. I feel it is crucial to continually educate yourself with the most relevant and up-to-date industry trends while striving to remain a trusted source in the marketplace for accurate information and advice."