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Fix-ups guaranteed!

“Call, call, call.”

Buyers who purchase new homes through Matt Nesbitt can actually end up making a little money through a warranty policy that Nesbitt, his partner, and a local developer created.

At closings, new-construction buyers get a check for $300 from the builder. When clients have a warranty issue, they remit a portion of the check every time they’d like something completed.

Nesbitt says the warranty helps eliminate callbacks to the real estate salesperson and the builder by giving homeowners an incentive to take care of little warranty issues.

“It really knocks down callbacks and helps make the builder’s life a little easier,” Nesbitt says. “The buyers are also happy, because they may end up with the extra money.” Any money left at the end of the warranty stays in the buyers’ pocket.

Nesbitt says the program helps create a positive bond between the salesperson, builder, and buyer. It doesn’t hurt sales, either: He closed $9.7 million in business in 2000.