Realty Executives

“I look at myself as a role model for other single parents, helping them to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Hopkins, a single parent, moved from property management to real estate sales in 2001 to have more flexibility with her daughter, then 3. This year she established Extraordinary Single Parents (ESP), a program that provides up to $6,000 in downpayment assistance to other single parents. She supports the program through fund-raising and a portion of her commissions. So far ESP has helped three people. Hopkins also formed a support group for single parents and is involved with Habitat for Humanity.

Condo focus: Hopkins specializes in selling condos to first-time buyers and investors in the North Scottsdale area. She targets owners and investors at area subdivisions who may be interested in switching units or buying a second property. She also sends direct mail to out-of-state investors and buyers. In less than a year, she’s become her area’s condo expert, she says. She started her own company in 2002 and last year had $3.5 million in sales volume.