Team Leader
Worth Clark Realty – KB Collective
St. Louis, Mo.


2022 Team Sales Volume: $32.9 million
2022 Team Transaction Sides: 103

The Solution Finder

By the age of 12, Kristen Beahm had started a jewelry business that garnered more than $1,500 in revenue in a single day. Given her propensity for money and numbers, Beahm, now 29, pursued a career in finance. But she felt detached from clients in that job and wanted a career that placed her in the action. Her sister, Caitlin, introduced her to the real estate business, and that’s when everything changed.

Things haven’t always been easy as a real estate professional, Beahm says, but her drive and tenacity—aided by her sister-turned-business partner’s innovation—make for a great balance. “We have very similar morals and values and work ethics, but we have very different work styles,” says Beahm. “I’m a doer and a driver, while Caitlin is a more creative thinker. We really use each other’s brains well.”

Real estate provides Beahm with the opportunity to find solutions and work alongside people at one of the most exciting moments in their lives, and she’s found plenty to love. “I’ve really enjoyed it,” she says. “It’s easy to fall into the same way of doing things or to become mundane, but when the market demands a different approach, it challenges us to get creative and solve problems.”