Destination Real Estate and Apt. Locating

“I’m trying to put people in a better situation than they’re in now.”

Glenn’s a true entrepreneur. He started as an apartment manager while working his way through college but added real estate sales when some early contacts were ready to buy. His real estate business took off, so he opened a brokerage office five years ago. He became a loan officer last year. He’s now thinking about adding commercial listings and sales since he owns two income-producing properties and a convenience store.

Helping others: Glenn gives homebuying seminars to fellow African Americans and to Hispanics at churches and at minority youth group meetings. “I feel that it’s my responsibility to educate minorities,” he says. “I’m amazed that there are so many individuals who don’t have the knowledge to get a loan,” he says.

Grateful to be here: “I believe that I’m very lucky and blessed,” he says, “to have accomplished as much as I have by age 29.”