Jennifer Medak & John Medak

Senior marketing consultant and sales associate
Norris, Beggs & Simpson

All in the family

“Keep a service-based approach. Leases roll over every five years, and if you don’t follow up, a lease will end and the client will go to another salesperson.”

Jennifer and John Medak both credit their success in selling commercial properties to the guidance and advice received from family members in the business. Their grandfather started a residential real estate company, which their father later took over.

“Growing up in real estate, I’d work on the properties and learn about real estate finance and law,” John says. “I always knew I’d go into real estate.”

Jennifer says she learned some of her best strategies from her father. “My dad was a huge influence,” she says. “He taught us to be goal oriented and persistent.”

He also talked them into trying the commercial end of the business. At Norris, Beggs & Simpson, both have shot to success: John did $20 million in sales and lease consideration in 2000 and Jennifer $9.5 million.

Another thing the dynamic duo learned from their father: Be honest and aggressive. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions you need to ask,” John says. “And don’t be afraid to say you don’t know the answer to a question.”