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“Write at least two client notes a day and meet with at least two clients a week.”

What makes him special: Meushaw has doubled his volume in each of the last three years, racking up $9 million in sales last year, with no advertising, no cold calling or door-knocking, and no hounding FSBOs or expireds.

What’s his secret? Pumpkins, for one thing. Last fall, he passed out $40 worth of pumpkins to 33 clients and received six solid leads in return. “Cold calling wouldn’t have been this effective,” he says. He also generates referrals with monthly phone calls and occasional gifts, lunches, and social events aimed at his top clients and customers.

How he keeps on keeping on: Meushaw works with a life coach, who helps him set long- and short-term goals and then consults with him on a regular basis to see how things are going. “We talk every two weeks,” he says. “We go over numbers, and make sure everything’s on track. It really makes me concentrate.”