Hayden Real Estate
155 N. Graham Street
Stephenville, TX 76401
United States
Texas US

Kicking Up Business

When you attend college on a rodeo scholarship, you likely can hold your own against any challenge. “My dad told me I could either make dust or eat dust, so I try to make it,” says Jamie Hayden, 28, a Texan who was drawn to the creative as much as the competitive aspects real estate. Last summer she started a magazine that’s full of advice and news about her local market. She mails it to thousands of home owners. Hayden and her husband, Eric, a co-owner, set out to create a “dream office” that she says bolsters the reputation of the team. “I don’t want 150 mediocre agents. I’d rather have five amazing ones,” Hayden says. She fosters camaraderie with friendly competitions such as “Who can take the most clients to coffee in a week?” Says Hayden: “We make each other more successful.”