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Keller Williams Jacksonville Realty
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United States
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An Entrepreneur at Heart

When she was 16, Hemi "Christine" Lee started her first of many online businesses, a video distribution service that served 16 countries. While earning a degree in computer information systems at the University of North Florida, she handled Web marketing for a real estate appraisal company. That work led her into the real estate industry. She earned a master's degree in real estate and founded her own mortgage and real estate companies. She doubled her business from 2008 to 2009 and is aiming for an ambitious $40 million in sales this year.

Triple Threat

Lee says her edge comes from having a commanding knowledge in what she calls "the trifecta" of success: technology, marketing, and real estate. She also believes in delegation. "If you get the right talent," she says, "they'll take off with [a task] and take things off your plate."

Find Great Mentors

"I identified and secured great mentors, veterans in the industry," Lee says. "Their helpfulness and willingness to share with me has saved me a lot of time and money. What can make the difference is finding that coach or role model that can give you direction and advice."