Team Lead
eXp Realty
Atlanta, Ga.


2022 Individual Sales Volume: $9.6 million
2022 Individual Transaction Sides: 29

Using Strategy to Seal the Deal

Real estate wasn’t a money game for Courtney Stewart, 29. When she decided to make a career of helping people find homes, she was already making six figures working sales at IBM. For her, becoming an agent was about helping people find the financial freedom that she’d found at a young age through real estate.

“By the time I acquired my first investment property in my early 20s, I knew I had to do this,” she says. “I wanted to help my family and friends.”

Her career at IBM served as a jumping-off place for her career in real estate. In fact, she found it a major benefit that she’d gone through IBM’s prestigious sales training schools. ”It helped me understand how to work with people, how to strategize and how to negotiate,” she says.

Strategy is at the heart of her business. Each transaction is different and requires a tailored approach, she says. She customizes her approach and pivots when needed. Strategy is also a big part of her marketing efforts. Since she caters to different niches—first-time homebuyers, new construction, and relocation—she tailors her marketing efforts to serve each group.

“I make sure that each of my social media posts addresses an issue that a prospective client has, and the tagline in that post is an answer to that issue.”