Christopher R. McShane

Managing Director, Strategic Land Group
Site Services Group LLC
1946 Monroe Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 31126
United States
Georgia US

Getting the Scoop on New Business

Christopher R. McShane wanted to learn more about how the world worked. He first thought journalism would be the ticket, but a career in commercial real estate has led to a similar end. “Real estate as a discipline is truly a liberal art,” he says, describing the profession as the confluence of engineering, banking, politics, law, economics, and geography. Like a reporter, McShane, 28, spends long hours tracking down information. He scours bank data, loan portfolios, land holdings, and government regulations for his land-brokerage clients and corporate partners. His research and analytical skills have landed him greater management responsibilities and made him the company “go-to guy” for unearthing business opportunities.