Sales associate
RE/MAX 100 Real Estate

Tip: Explain the process in detail to first-time buyers, and see them through every step.

Charles Martin and his team doubled their sales volume and transactions between 2000 and 2001 by turning a daunting task into a remarkably smooth one for first-time buyers.

Martin, a sales associate with RE/MAX 100 Real Estate in Camp Springs, Md., heads a team of 10 that patiently walks first-time buyers through everything from finding a home to ensuring they begin their homeownership years on sound financial footing.

Each of Martin’s team members has special, narrowly focused duties. The client service manager oversees the process to make sure buyer clients have every need met, whether it’s changing the phone and gas service or arranging for a moving van. The loan officer takes care of preapproval. The buyer specialist keeps a file and helps with the home search process. And a contracts compliance officer writes contracts, negotiates, and orders inspections.

After buyers are settled in their home, Martin’s team offers one more service–a complimentary financial plan that helps clients lay out a program for investing, life insurance coverage, college savings, and reducing taxes. “We want to help people gain financial discipline,” says Martin, “so we’ll be seeing them again in the future.”