Prudential Transact Commercial Realty

Babazadeh compares his business -- assembling land for high-density residential developments -- to a puzzle: When buyers need the deal done, it's up to him to put the pieces together. He thrives on that creativity. "I wake up with many deals to do each day and love deciding how to make it all work," says Babazadeh, who had closed sales volume of $52 million on 30 transaction sides in 2005.

How he got here: At 17 Babazadeh moved to the United States from Germany. He joined Prudential in 2002 while still attending the University of Florida. To gain market knowledge, he began compiling data on the Daytona oceanfront market. In 2003, when the market surged, he was the area expert.

When opportunity knocks: A city near Daytona needed to increase its tax base but had no raw land for development. Babazadeh suggested the city amend its comprehensive plan to increase unit density from 15 to 60. He tied up premium sites before word of the change got out. When the plan was changed, property prices increased 400 percent.

Giving back: Babazadeh gave $15,000 for scholarships to nearby Stetson University in 2005.